Submission Guidelines

Content Submission Policy

Channelnomics welcomes opinions and thought-leadership articles from vendors, channel executives, and expert sources on a paid placement basis.

Channelnomics offers a variety of packages for paid placement of thought-leadership articles. The Channelnomics sales team can provide the details to get started.

Generally, submitted content must conform to the following parameters:

  • All submissions must be fully formed articles and not cut-and-paste copies of press releases.
  • Submissions must include a byline for the author (or the person credited as the author) with a brief biography.
  • Each submission must include 1) an image related to its content and with an unrestricted license for use and 2) a headshot of the author.
  • Submissions should include links to any source materials, such as statistics and data, for verification purposes.
  • It must be understood that Channelnomics has unrestricted copyright to the article or other material contained within.

Content Standards

Content submitted for placement must conform to Channelnomics editorial standards.

  • Truthfulness: Channelnomics only accepts articles and opinions supported by facts¬† and defensible claims. Channelnomics reserves the rights to reject untrue content.
  • Accuracy and Sourcing: All submitted content must adhere to Channelnomics accuracy standards and include citations for sources of information, such as statistics, research, and third-party statements.
  • Appropriateness: Channelnomics will not accept any submitted content that attacks or denigrates individuals or companies, employs hate or inappropriate language, or engages in political posturing or advocacy.

If you have questions about Channelnomics publication processes, please contact

Editorial Submissions

Channelnomics welcomes requests for coverage of news and events. Channelnomics does not guarantee editorial coverage; all coverage decisions are at the discretion of the editorial team. To submit your news for consideration, please email